Video - Miscellaneous
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The Magic of a Garden
Awakening to Nature's beauty in the Park Guest House garden and understanding the principles underlying its creation. Concept and Photography: Devashish Patnaik '82.
15.Aug.11 AVI-DivX 114 MB
Meditation in Stone
Based on Sri Aurobindo's "The Foundations of Indian Culture", this video documentary attempts to bring about a greater understanding and appreciation of classical Indian art and sculpture. A project executed by SAICE students with the help of their teachers. Cinematography and project coordination: Amrit Arya '04.
15.Aug.11 AVI-XviD 138 MB
Reunion 2003
A video by Shivshankar 98 on the Reunion held in 2003 to commemorate SAICEs 60th anniversary. It covers the events and programmes held for the occasion and captures the mood of the get-together. Produced under the aegis of The Golden Chain Fraternity.
15.Aug.11 AVI-XviD 460 MB